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Avescor Building
Second and Third Flrs.
M.H. Del Pilar St.
5000 Molo
Iloilo City

+63 33 337 6863


Landco Corp. Centre
Ninth Flr
J.P. Laurel Avenue
8000 Bajada
Davao City

+63 82 224 2035

Careers in Callbox

Outbound Call Center Agent

at least 18 years old. Good command of English. Computer savvy

Outbound call center agents are responsible for performing certain duties for clients through the use of the phone. These activities ca n range from performing telephone surveys up to making sales calls. Depending on the nature of the client they work for, an outbound call center agent has to be flexible with their time and expertise.

At Callbox, our outbound call center agents perform various tasks such as data profiling and B2B (business to business) appointment setting. We require all our agents to be in a fit state of health and have the capacity to work during a graveyard shift. We also require our call center agents to be computer savvy as to allow them to render excellent service to our clients all the while navigating the computer where they spend much time on.

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Content Writer

must be good in writing; knowledgeable in social media marketing

Content writers are responsible for tasks that involve writing and creation of physical/readable content for certain projects, websites, etc. Tasks may differ on a daily basis however most, if not all, tasks of content writers involve the creation of readable content.

At Callbox, our content writers are responsible for writing business articles and blog posts, or charged with the creation for the content of websites we wish to publish. They also have other tasks which are handed to them depending on which projects are currently being pursued by the company.

Articles to be written range from a full 500-700 words and blog range from 250-300. Content writers can either be hired as full-time contractors, or part-time workers.

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SEO Specialist

with at least 6 months experience

SEO is an acronym which stands for search engine optimization. Today, SEO plays a key role in the business plan of many companies. It serves as one of the key elements of Internet marketing and SEO specialists are hired in order to help optimize websites so that they can be easily found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

At Callbox, our SEO team is responsible for different type of tasks, although hold the common goal of optimizing all websites under Callbox's jurisdiction, and all websites that are planned in the future.

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Web Developer

knows PHP, OOP, CSS, HTML, XHTML, Joomla, Wordpress, Zencart

Web developers are specialists that handle the creation and maintenance of websites. Given that they have studied the field of IT and computer studies, web developers possess a unique skill set that is highly sought after in today's modern world.

Here at Callbox, our web developers are tasked with the creation of new websites and the maintenance of all currently functioning websites under Callbox's jurisdiction.

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Web/Graphics Designer

must be knowledgeable in CSS, HTML, XHTML

Graphics designers are nearly akin to web developers in their skill set and education, however they specialize more in the field of design. Graphics designers are also sought after these days due to the increasing popularity in making use of websites by numerous businesses around the world.

At Callbox, our graphics designers are responsible for the creation of different types of graphics, ranging from simple recruitment ads all the way up to infographics for business purposes. Usually, our graphics designers also have an expertise in web development thus they are also tasked, at times, to take charge of the development of our websites, or to maintain them.

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Software Developer

knows PHP, OOP, CSS, HTML, XHTML, Joomla, Wordpress, Zencart

Software developers possess a very unique skill set. The development of software is no simple task and it takes many years of study and practice to become a good software developer. Software developers are tasked with the creation of software as well as its maintenance, and with other tasks as well that are fitting to their skill set.

In Callbox, we prefer to have and create our own software. Our team of software developers are tasked with the creation and maintenance of any company software that we possess.

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